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Astrology is not based up falsifiable predictions which are tested and re-tested by independent observers and researchers. Astrology has not discovered any celestial objects — indeed, it is not clear that astrology has discovered or revealed anything at all about our universe.

Similarly, it is the attraction of the sun and moon which cause oceanic tides. But all these effects are physical and they affect the earth as a whole, and not individuals in particular. So there is no need for us to be afraid of the imaginary effects of the harmless planetary configurations. Even astrologers know this, but in order not to lose face they go on fooling innocent people by pouring out some irrelevant scientific jargon in support of their trade. We now know that the characteristics of a person are determined when the egg and sperm fuse together at the time of conception.

They have nothing to do with the planetary configuration at the time of the birth. Belief is belief, not truth. You can belief that your belief is truth. But insisting on others that my belief is truth, known as fanaticism. Maharishi Bhardwaj was a statistician par excellence and the excellent sutras compiled by him to describe the motion of the planets. Also Varahamihira and others have done voluminous work on astronomy. Evidence suggests that work has gone into painstakingly noting down coordinates and mapping the path of planets.

Bhaskaracharya rightly calculated the time taken by the earth to orbit the sun hundreds of years before the astronomer Smart. His calculations was — Time taken by earth to orbit the sun: days. How many of you know about Aryabhata, Varahamihira and other ancient astronomers. But we know how to harass them — using their amazing invention for astrology. In Gita, it is mentioned that Arjuna wanted to know about his future. The meaning is very clear: There were no astrologers around then. Please note that this is not about horoscope or predictive science. Pushya nakshatra then. From this anecdote, it is clear that either Vasishtha did not know as to what was going to happen to Dasharatha by declaring Ram as yuvraj or Vasishtha kept quiet deliberately since he did not want to interfere in the divine dispensation!

But there is no mention in any of the authentic Hindu scriptures that Vasishtha or Garga or Brighu etc. Have ever written any books on predictive astrology. You can check yourself in puranas.


Check for yourself. I heard that somebody was planning to launch Vedic toothpaste too! Our ancestors, without even using telescopes, were able to determine the movement of celestial bodies and speed of light. They have even calculated the distance between the Earth and Sun. Those with sattvic guna can feel the vibes of intuition — but they, surely, are not astrologers.

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For that you need not learn astrology or any such beliefs. Sometimes, after seeing astrologers, people begin a sattvic life — all of us know that sattvic guna will bring extreme good luck. And astrologer becomes beneficiary! The fact of the matter is that our Vedic Rishis were not bothered about predictive astrology. As such they never mentioned anything about Mesha etc. If astrology is not correct, how come millions of people blindly believe in it and follow it?

Interpreting the location of these bodies using a chart called the horoscope; astrologers claim to predict and explain the course of life and to help people, companies, and nations with decisions of great import. People always wanted to believe that the future can be predicted. That is why there are still many believers in the stars. People think horoscopes are accurate because they wish to think they are.

This is not a science — it is hocus-pocus. The astrologers did no better than chance. Sadly, till this day, I have not come across to any first hand information or proof to support astrology. We meet with so many difficulties in our life, mostly are caused by our own actions and others by the actions of our fellow-men. That is why many people continue to believe astrologers, although most of their forecasts are quite ambiguous and often wrong. See, wrting makes you more enemies than friends. If I write in support of astrology everybody would be happy.

I know there is a big mafia of astrologers-priests-temple management working together to cheat people. There are few good astrologers too — they do not ask money. They believe that astrology is true and they want to do good for others based on their beliefs.

That means few astrologers have good intention, thought it is baseless. After foreign invasions, Indian kings lost their dharma, karma and virtuosness. They became corrupt. The system got manipulated. Insecure kings began chasing Jyotishis. During epic period it was a dharma yudha ethical war. Later, kings were not interested in the principles of war strategy and statecraft as explained by the ancient scriptures, the Manu and later by Chanakya. Instead they took easy route — beliefs — like blindly followed priests and astrologers!

People eagerly searched for heavenly signs of what the gods would do next. And every day thousands of people around the world base crucial medical, professional, and personal decisions on advice received from astrologers and astrological publications. Billions of stupendous bodies all over the universe should add their influence to that of our tiny little Sun, Moon, and planets. Has a client whose horoscope omits the effects of Rigel, the Crab pulsar, and the Andromeda Galaxy really had a complete reading? Ref: Science, Non-science — the Paranormal. If the stars lead astrologers to incorrect predictions 9 times out of 10, they hardly seem like reliable guides for decisions of life and affairs of state.

Yet millions of people, including some scientists, seem to swear by them. Books on astrology bring in billions of dollars each year, and who knows how much money professional astrologers earn collectively. This is one reason why astrology and astronomy stayed together for as long as they did — funding from astrology helped support astronomical research.

Please reflect on all these before you go to an astrologer. But if somebody insists that they need to, there is no harm in going along with that. Belief in astrology and non-belief in astrology both are beliefs. So, I keep an open mind. I can marry without checking horoscope as I am sure that astrology is a phony thing But we should not impose any beliefs on your sister or daughters or any siblings.

I do not want to argue with any. They have to experience themselves. I would tell them that according to my understanding, astrology is just eye-wash Then, if somebody insists, I would also go with them and enjoy their experiencejust as I go for a movie. I always wanted to take it as it comes. My opinion is mine only. You are a different expression. So you can have different perspective — If you stop them from seeing an astrologer and in the event of some unfortunate things happen to them in the future, they would put the blame on you.

Please contact the author for re-posting or publishing at uday udaypai. All you have to do is ask. We get letters seeking the phone numbers and whereabouts of Uday Pai. If you have any questions, comments or suggestion you are free to write to him directly. What an enlightening piece of article. It has nailed the so called astrologers who use term vedic to give legtimacy to their conmanship. Astrology was exported into India by greeks,arabics,etc etc. Before that indians were preoccupied in astronomy,scientific experiments,inventions,mathematics etc etc. After this hoax came to India the kings stopped doing their karma properly and expected good planetary combinations and good dashas,mahadashas will do the needfulit is like playing batting without wearing safety guard while shoaib akhtar is bowling just because u are under good planetary dasha.

This is the reason after the coming of kushanas,parthians,scythians etc etc that scientific temperament Indians stagnated and the western societies like british,Americans progressed we got degenerated. The supreme knowledge of Hinduism was plagued by hoaxes like astrology,oomen shastra etc etc.

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Believe in your karma and while doing karma give importance to minute details and u can see good results. Doing half hearted karma and expecting good results will lwad nowhere. Astronomy zindabad,astrology murdabad.

10 Porutham for Marriage Match and Compatibility

Great knowledge shared by you. All Indians prefer horoscope matching without any care of their child whether they are happy or not? I say that no one can reveal our future and also no one can change our future. If some incident will have to happen then it will surely happen and no one can change it. All Indians are becoming foolish due to less knowledge And little knowledge is dangerous. But I am very happy to see this article and this should be come in a bigger extent. This indeed is true.

Astrology cannot be science, but is just belief. The problem is that Hindus are now so much ashamed that they, instead of working hard to come up, want to follow short cut techniques to achieve success. So, even the astrology is based around such short cuts. Work always pays off. I myself is an example. Despite being down and out in life, I kept my preserverence, and kept of working hard, irrespective of the outcomes, and what others told about me, and thanks to the will of almighty, now I am going to pursue my higher education from the finest university of this planet.

Where did janam kundali came into these? Why do people argue that God and astrology is different? I see that God speaks through astrologyIf astrology is authentic. Its a map that we can understand ourselves even better through the eyes of astrology. God is the creator of everything, right? Science have not proved that God exist. Does that mean God is fake. All legends and mythologies talk about God only in human forms.

I strongly believe that its just a belief system whether God is real or AStrology is fake? Neither has no proof. However, something great -extraordinary-not in our control is always there and we humans are under that control-be it God or planetory. A plane was missed last MArch and top most military is searching to this date and we could not find. Trying to find proof and concluding its a fake is pure ignorance. I am so sad for these ignorant people who thinks that they know it all concluding that AStrology is fake or real.

This is really true. God is the creator and he wishes certain things to happen for us. We are not that much intelligent to change his plan and we should not even think of it. If he wishes us to be kings, we will be kings and if he wishes us to be beggars, we will be. He is complete in his creation, each of his creations has its own purpose and he will not deal anyone with injustice.

So we should worship him alone by heart without making any company to him. This leads us to reach the destination. But seeing horoscope will lead us to be in the worst ever destination — the hell. I would like to bring the story of sahadeva, one of the greatest astrologer. Duriyodhana asked sahadeva to give the date for sacrifice to kali, the god of war. Without hesitation he gave the date. All other abused him, but he told politely that his duty as an astrologer is to tell the truth.

Krishna created bodhana amavasya and pandavas gave the sacrifice to kali to win. However sahadeva could not identify that karna was his brother. Divinity did not allow him to ask the question whether he had a brother or not. So divinity is superior to astrology. Many of the rishis had the power to perceive all the three times, but they clearly mention that the time movement cannot be changed.

Vyasa told dharmaputra that the war will happen as per the mandate of time irrespective of whatever he does to stop it. Hi, I am quoting from bhavadam on definitin of brahman. He exists in the three states of consciousness — namely waking, dreaming and deep sleep — as well as beyond them. He enlivens the body, the senses, the breath of life, and the heart, and thus they move.

Know Him to be supreme. And it stands for all that is revealed in the 18 puranas, Ithihasas and other smruthies and shruthies. Veda Vyasaji was found very unhappy even after writing the 17 Puranas and the four Vedas and the Mahabarat,which is known as the fifth veda. Excellent article!!!!!! First of all, understand that Veda means Knowledge. Our ancient sages had that meditative or intuitive power to predict or check the present status of all these stars and planets. Astrology as it came at later stage shall be used as alert signal but it can not change your future.

If a real astrologer who does not do for business will alert you with some predictions. Like for ex: if he says, next month drive carefully since chances are bright that you meet with an accident. If it has to happen, it will happen but since you are alerted, the effect will be less. Every body is born with free will. God has to control the entire universe with billions of galaxies and is not biased.

He has given you road to drive. Just drive it properly and be on the road within the speed limit. You have to suffer with your mistake. Discussion is often referred to as the Uddhava Gita. This particular conversation is also found in Srimad Bhagavatam and is part of the conversation between Lord Krishna and Uddhava. She taught me to give them my best, remembering that their acts are normal and natural from their standpoint. It cleanses whatever it touches and provides life to whoever drinks it. Water flows unceasingly.

If it stops, it becomes stagnant. Keep moving is the lesson I learned from water. By consuming dead logs, it produces warmth and light. Thus, I learnt how to absorb everything that life brings and how to turn it into flame. This flame enlightens my life and in that light, others can walk safely.

Marriage Matching through Scientific KP System

Like the wind, I learned not to prefer flowers over thorns or friends over foes. Like the wind, my goal is to provide freshness to all without becoming attached. I, too, must have room for all the diversities, and still remain unaffected by what I contain. All visible and invisible objects may have their rightful place within me, but they have no power to confine my consciousness. Rain falls on forests, mountains, valleys, deserts, oceans, and cities. Like the sun, I learned how to gather knowledge from all sources, transform that knowledge into practical wisdom, and share it with all without preferring some recipients and excluding others.

Other pigeons tried to rescue it and got caught, too. From these pigeons, I learned that even a positive reaction, if it springs from attachment and emotion, can entangle and ensure. It taught me that once my need has been met, I must be satisfied and not make myself miserable running after the objects of my desire. It receives and assimilates water from all the rivers in the world and never overflows its boundaries.

It taught me that no matter what experiences I go through in life, no matter how many kicks and blows I receive, I must maintain my discipline. It taught me that once I see the dawn, I must overcome my fear, soar at full speed, and plunge into the flame of knowledge to be consumed and transformed. Before accepting even that much, it hums and hovers and dances, creating an atmosphere of joy around the flower. It not only sings the song of cheerfulness; it also gives more to the flowers than it takes.

It pollinates the plants and helps them prosper by flying from one flower to another. I learned from the bumblebee that I should take only a little from nature and that I should do so cheerfully, enriching the source from which I receive sustenance. It gathers nectar from different sources, swallows it, transforms it into honey, and brings it to the hive. It consumes only a bit of what it gathers, sharing the rest with others. Thus I should gather wisdom from the teachers of all disciplines and process the knowledge that I gain.

I must apply the knowledge that is conducive to my growth, but I must be ready to share everything I know with others. A tame female elephant in season was the bait.

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Sensing her presence, the wild male emerged from its domain and fell into a pit that had been cleverly concealed with branches and heaps of leaves. Once caught, the wild elephant was tamed to be used by others. This elephant is my fourteenth guru because he taught me to be careful with my passions and desires. Worldly charms arouse our sensory impulses and, while chasing after the sense cravings, the mind gets trapped and enslaved, even thought it is powerful.

Like the deer, we keep our ears alert for every bit of news, rumor, and gossip, and are skeptical about much that we hear. But we become spellbound by certain words, which, due to our desires, attachments, cravings, and vasanas subtle impressions from the past , we delight to hear.

This tendency creates misery for others and ourselves. As long as I remember the episode of the fish, I remain free of the hook. They stopped only when the little bird dropped the worm. Thus, I learned that the secret of survival lies in renunciation, not in possession. I learned from this baby to demand only when I really need. Her bracelets jangled as she cooked, so she removed one. But the noise continued, so she took off all her bracelets, one by one, until only one remained. Then there was silence. Thus, I learned that wherever there is a crowd, there is noise, disagreement, and dissension.

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Peace can be expected only in solitude. Creatures in nature move constantly, continually abandoning their previous dwellings. Therefore, while floating along the current of nature, I find plenty of places to rest. Once I am rested, I move on. The more one-pointed my focus, the greater my absorption, and the greater my absorption, the more subtle my awareness. The goal is subtle, and can only be grasped by subtle awareness. But it ran so fast that it got entangled and was swallowed by the bigger spider. Thus, I learned that we create webs for ourselves by trying to build a safe haven, and as we race along the threads of these webs, we become entangled and are consumed.

There is no safety to be found in the complicated webs of our actions. Watching this little creature become absorbed in a song in the face of death reminded me that I, too, must develop the art of listening so that I my become absorbed in the eternal sound Aum , Naad, that is always within me. The very fact that astrology has been misinterpreted to be a discipline which predicts future, is the root cause of all confusion and criticism i believe. In my humble opinion, a wrong prediction, a failed calculation, a surgical blunder, a falling bridgeall are methodical faults and not conceptual ones.

And then the ultimate test of any doctrine or hypothesis is that it should hold good in practicality. So long as predictions stand the test of time and accuracy which does happen in a good number of cases when astrologer is competent, scientific and intuitive , astrology as a discipline should not be assaulted I think.

Anyways, opinion emerges out of experience and if someone has had bad experience with an astrologer, one has all rights to criticise him. A field which has been long ignored in terms of dedicated research definitely deserves level playing field vis-a-vis other science streams before being summarily debunked on account of unpleasant personal experience. Birth Star compatibility. Birth star is the name of the star that very near to Moon at time of your birth. In Vedic astrology, a lot of your character and future events very much depends on your birth star.

Ancient Vedic astrology books provide us with a unique way to check and find compatibility between the birth stars of the bride and groom. It consists of 10 compatibility checking criteria. The couple who have rasi compatibility will have a prosperous lineage. The couple who have rasyadhipa compatibility will have psychological unity.

The couple who is having vasya compatibility will care for each other very much. They will be like made for each other. The couple who has Mahendra compatibility will have good and prosperous children. All people are divides it to 3 gana group. They are namely divine group, human group and satanic group. This will determine sexual compatibility between bride and groom.

Marriage Porutham Calculator - Find Your Thirumana Porutham

This compatibility provides long life span and good health. Compatibility indicates an accumulation of wealth after marriage. For Vedha compatibility testing compatibility is..