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Saturn has received a bum rap for centuries.

Best Aspects In Natal Chart

I first read this book as a teenager, and was stunned in a good way! Liz Greene, in her inimitable style, presents the study of Saturn in Astrology as a means for self-discovery, growth, and, eventually, freedom! The meat of the book is broken down into chapters on Saturn in each of the elements in watery signs and houses, and so forth. A later chapter explores Saturn in aspect to other planets in the birth chart.

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Saturn in synastry is also explored. Not only is this a thorough and insightful exploration of Saturn, it offers an excellent lesson about the signs, houses, and planets as well!

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We encounter fear wherever we find Saturn in the chart. By reading up on Saturn in Aries, we uncover the essence of Aries at the same time.

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  7. It is particularly recommended for those with a prominent or strong Saturn in their own charts, who will find the interpretations immediately recognizable. Saturn : a New Look at an Old Devil.

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    Here it is; lightly edited by Liz for today's readers. Synastry, as the comparison of two horoscopes is known in technical parlance, is at best a great responsibility on the part of the astrologer requiring the diplomacy and tact of a statesman, the detachment and objectivity of a mathematician, and the intuitive insight of a psychoanalyst- and at worst a futile and frustrating attempt to share truth with two people who are determined to do what they please anyhow and refer to your opinion only when it begins to go wrong and they blame you for talking them into it in the first place.

    It is one of the most difficult uses of astrology because you are dealing with two people instead of one, both of whom are emotionally involved and inclined to hear what they wish to hear rather than what is objectively applicable. If we follow our venerable textbook tradition, it all sounds terribly simple - if her sun conjuncts his moon, or her Mars his Venus, then they will live happily ever after.

    But we all know it is not that simple; we have ten planets on each chart to deal with, plus the ascendant and midheaven-not to mention midpoints, parts, Lilith and the multiplicity of other paraphernalia that are used to augment what is available in the sky at the moment-giving us a minimal total of a hundred and forty-four potential combinations.

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    Add to this the marital, emotional and sexual potential of each chart taken individually, and we already have our hands full. And then consider the controversial question of the karma involved - if that is one's personal belief system - and the heredity and environmental patterns, and it becomes evident what kind of delicacy and subtlety is required in this kind of work.

    Psychological Astrology, with John Green

    It would be of great help if there were a foundation of written material on why one's sun on another's moon is a "good" tie; or why Mars-Saturn ties are so difficult, or Moon-Uranus ties so compelling. People who wish to be with each other are going to do it anyhow ; it would be of more benefit if they knew the root of the possible outgrowth of their cross-aspects, and understood what could be done to make full use of the benefits of a Jupiter-midheaven contact, or work through the hostilities of a Venus-Saturn tie.

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    But there is very little here for us to peruse save the obvious, so we must deal with it in the light of our individual experience, which can be highly frustrating because when a relationship hits the rocks, the individuals involved will rarely come back to tell you what really happened, particularly on a subjective level, when they frequently do not have any idea themselves.

    Synastry only becomes comprehensible when the basic principles of each planet-subjective as well as external-are thoroughly understood; then the interaction of two planets between two charts begins to come clear. Take, for example, one's Mars on another's Saturn, this being one of the "bad guys" of chart comparison. We have stern warnings from earlier writers as Vivian Robson that such a tie between two charts bodes nothing but disaster, and that the two parties who find that this cross-contact exists should run as quickly in opposite directions as their legs can carry them.

    And one would think, on superficial interpretation, that this aspect would cause repulsion and dislike, particularly on a sexual level. Why then does it appear with such astounding frequency when a serious emotional involvement occurs, and why, rather than repelling, does it seem to be concurrent with such intense and almost feverish sexual attraction? If we recognise Saturn as representing the point of vulnerability and insecurity on a chart, the point where we have been scarred by the withholding and repression of the basic qualities and gifts of the sign and house in which he is placed, the point where we fight against the intense feelings of inadequacy and sensitivity to our lack with an equally intense need to dominate and control anything that touches that secret and hurting place to protect it, like the oyster that buries the irritating grain of sand with layers of pearl, then we can understand what happens when another's Mars touches Saturn.